Spotlight on Mane Salon – Renowned Hair Stylists in Wellington


If you are looking for a hair salon in Wellington where award-winning stylists can cut your hair then look no further than Mane Salon. At Mane Salon hairdressing is considered an art and creativity is combined with style and talent. This ensures all customers feel a million dollars when they step out of the salon door after their hair appointment.

Party hair at prices to suit all pockets

A new hair colour, a new haircut or just a new hairstyle can dramatically change your appearance. And the formally trained hairstylists will make sure that the change you make isn’t a disaster and is a sure success. At Mane Salon you can choose from extensive hair designs for formal events, balls, weddings or any other type of event where you want to look and feel super special.

Mane Salon Academy – excellent hair design

The beauty industry is a popular industry for skilled and creative people. If you have always had a passion for beautiful hair and are interested in a career in hair design then look no further than the reputable Mane Salon Academy. This academy offers high-end training courses, both for entry-level stylists and executive stylists. You will improve your knowledge and skills and be well on your way to pursuing a successful career in the hair industry.

Mane Salon has some of the best stylists in Wellington

There are three types of hair stylists available at Mane Salon and different services are offered at different prices. The emerging talent team is comprised of stylists with 3 years’ experience and who specialise primarily in the art of hair colouring. The stylists at Mane Salon can work their magic on any hair type and have outstanding technical skills and are backed by 5 years’ experience. The executive stylists are at the top of their game in terms of hair design and are backed by 10 years’ industry experience.

At Mane Salon you are given a variety of hair design services. The team is highly committed to making sure every customer leaves the salon happy and looking their absolute best. For a comprehensive list of services and prices – or to make an appointment visit the website now.


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