Extensive Range of Hair Design Services by Mane Salon in Wellington


Located in Wellington, Mane Salon is one of the fastest rising businesses in the hair styling industry. With some of the best trained stylists on the team, you too will walk out of the hair salon in Wellington with your head held high. After all, nothing beats the confidence that comes from a brand new hairstyle.

Trends are implemented differently at Mane Salon so that your individuality shines through. At Mane Salon the team is inspired by fashion and understands how to tailor famous celebrity hairstyles to suit you – rather than blatently playing copy-cat.

The stylists at Mane Salon understand the specific needs, different clients have. This is why you can decide which level of service you want. At Mane Salon the executive stylists have been in the industry for a minimum of 10 years and facilitate hair design at the top levels. The regular hair stylists in Wellington have been expertly treating hair for over five years.

And Mane Salon’s very own crop of emerging talent has been working for 3 years receiving tips and tricks from more experienced mentors. You can choose the services of the Emerging Talent Team if you are on a budget. If you intend to go all out, then Mane Salon has a bevy of experienced stylists who can create and maintain your dream look.

Mane Salon understands the changing needs of modern clients, which is why there is a vibrant academy that trains on site with the newest styles. This essentially means that as a client, you have a chance to enjoy cutting edge hairstyles at a modest price.

The academy is open to the public twice a week, on Mondays and Tuesdays between 9:30am – 2:30pm. Salon services are available Wednesday through Saturday. For your convenience, free parking is offered at the salon. You also receive discounted offers and vouchers on a regular basis.

To view the prices for cuts, colours and party hair visit the Mane Salon website www.manesalon.co.nz. All questions and online bookings are warmly welcomed.


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